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3D CAD - Computer Aided Design Services


Computer Aided Design (CAD) refers to a group of computer-based technologies which are used to develop, inspect and optimize engineered drawings. With the help of CAD developing every day, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) are also on the rise. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is the application of computer-systems to the manufacturing environment. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is the application of computer software to aid engineers in their work. The combination of CAD/CAM affects the way manufacturing is handled and is improving the accuracy and reliability of process and productivity.

CAD Services are offered by Proto3000 as part of our 3D Engineering Services. 

CAD software creates files that can be modified, enhanced and prototyped. Specifically, the creation of curves, lines and geometric designs are often referred to as CAD. By converting a 2D drawing into a 3D CAD model, you will gain a great competitive advantage when prototyping with Proto3000. Once your product concept development is complete, Proto3000 has the engineering design tools to create an accurate 3D CAD model with cost effective solutions for your product development, prototyping and/or manufacturing needs.

Having a CAD file of your prototype helps increase the productivity of a designer or engineer, while it improves the quality of your design for manufacturing or visualization purposes. Having your design in the form of electronic files will also be useful for future 3D printing or other type of manufacturing purposes. 

Proto3000 design engineers provide clients with weekly updates using FREE 3D viewer software. Clients have the ability to interact with their model in 3D by rotating it in any direction and simulate its movements within a 3D CAD software. You may add mark-ups and comments instantly and send them back to our engineers for design improvements. 


Here at Proto3000, as part of our CAD Services, we offer:

  • 3D Modeling Services 
  • 3D Conversions Services
  • Finite Element Analysis Services
  • General Applications Design Services
  • Downstream Applications Design Services 

We are your one stop shop for any CAD, CAM and CAE solution. With a fantastic selection of CAD, CAM and CAE machines, the variety of applications we can satisfy are almost endless. Please feel free to contact us for a FREE 3D CAD Services Quote and we will be happy to assist you. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us and receive a FREE QUOTE. 
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3D Computer Modeling Services 

3D Modeling is an important step and a prerequisite to capture your ideas in a correctly rendered image. Mechanical 3D models can be changed at any time during the design process at a minimal cost, and we offer a free 3D Viewer at no cost to you.


Our 3D CAD Modeling services are for mechanical industries that require effective 3D designs for mechanical structures or products allowing detailed and exploded views, assemblies and greatly enhanced presentations.

The 3D dimensional renderings created provides the best means to evaluate, assess and present in product manuals, technical literature and sales brochures.



3D Conversions Services 

Our Engineering Services Team at Proto3000 are here to convert your electronic files to CAD. 

The following file formats are accepted by our 3D Engineers: 

  • .STL   
  • IGES(IGS)    
  • STEP    
  • Solidworks    
  • SolidEdge   
  • ACIS   
  • AST    
  • CDI    
  • DXF    
  • ICD    
  • ICS    
  • IDF    
  • IDW  
  • SLDASM   
  • TGZ  
  • X_T   
  • ASM    
  • CATPART   
  • DWG   
  • PRT 

All our clients are unique and have special designing needs. Our CAD Services Team will be happy to provide file conversions depending on specific requirements and applications on a case by case basis.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services 

Finite Element Analysis is a computerized method for predicting how your product will be reacting to outside forces, such as vibration, heat, fluid flow and physical effects. Finite Element Analysis Services are used in the product development process to push your prototype to its limits and to determine how it will react to extreme exertion.



General Applications Design Services 

During this part of the processing development stage our Engineering Services Team will design your CAD files to be able to visualize the outlook of your models.
Our General Applications Design Services team will be able to determine the best solution for your idea based on which industry you will be targeting with your design and which general application you will be using the prototype for. Aesthetics, Finishing-Ability and Cost-Effectiveness are all important factors to take into consideration. 



Downstream Applications Design Services 

Manufacturing-ability also affects how your design will look. The Proto3000 Engineering Services Team takes Cost Effectiveness, Durability and Functionality into consideration when designing models for downstream applications. 
What will your prototype be used for after it is designed? Will it be used for low or high volume manufacturing? These are important questions to be asked before deciding to take advantage of our General or Downstream Application Design Services. 





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