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Display Part Finishing Services by Proto3000

Allow the Proto3000 Services Team to add the finishing touches to your 3D Display Models.
After your prototypes are printed with our SLS, SLA, FDM, RTV Molding or Polyjet-Matrix technology, the Proto3000 3D Visualization Services Team will perform polishing, sanding, colour dyeing and applying high quality coating. 

The Proto3000 3D Visualization Services Team is dedicated to add that special touch to your 3D printed models. Finish your models or parts by sealing them with special paint for better and longer lasting display quality. Our 3D Visualization Services Team will always pay extra attention to detail, while adding high value to your 3D printed parts. Please browse our Photo Gallery to see more of our sample collection.

Here is how it works 


After your 3D Engineering Services Team designs and prints your 3D Models or parts, they are then sent off to our Display Part Finishing Lab where our Creative Leads sand, polish and apply high quality paint to your parts.
This service is only performed based on specific requests by our customers. After the finishing touches are performed we will then deliver or ship your order to your location. 


The Following Materials are used for most of our Display Part Finishing Services 







•  Rit All-Purpose Concentrated Clothing Dye

•  Liquitex Iridescent Medium

•  Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigments

•  Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear Spray Finish 

•  Acrylic or watercolor brushes



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