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Plastic Rapid Prototyping Solutions

How It Works

With a choice of over 60 materials, including 14 cartridge-ready materials and 51 Digital Materials™, Objet’s 3D printing solutions enable highly realistic visual and functional simulation for Rapid Prototyping purposes.

Objet’s materials are capable of simulating properties ranging from varying grades of rubber to clear transparency, all the way to rigid, ABS-grade engineering plastics.

Using Objet's materials, designers, manufacturers and engineers can create highly accurate, finely detailed models and parts to answer the Rapid Prototyping needs of virtually any industry.


What Proto3000 Provides

At Proto3000, we have approximately 15 materials that range from completely rigid to ultra-flexible.  We can also combine a number of materials to create a unique digital composite material in over 85 different combinations to suit your exact project needs. We even offer colourful solutions that are sure to fulfill your project needs.



Using Proto3000 as your Plastic Prototyping headquarters will give you a competitive advantage in many categories:

High Quality: prototyping resolution of 16µ allows for a smooth, accurate and incredibly detailed final product.

High Accuracy: Thin walls and fine details are enabled by build material properties and precise jetting.

Fast: On top of accuracy, plastic prototyping using the PolyJet Technology processes allow for high-speed builds at full width, no post-curing is necessary, and simultaneous building of multiple items

Versatile: The large variety of FullCure plastic-like materials allow parts with differing physical properties, mechanical characteristics and colors to be printed in 3D. By using the same support material for all model types, switching materials is quick and simple. Proto3000's plastic prototyping technology permits the simultaneous jetting of different plastic model material types. The materials also leave room for a variety of finishing applications, including painting and gluing. 



Materials, Trends, Applications, History and Outlook

Simulating Engineering Plastics:

Objet ABS-like Digital Material: made-up of FullCure515 and FullCure535. It is designed to simulate ABS-grade engineering plastics by combining high-temperature resistances with high toughness.

- Can also be used in high temperature environments, depending on the composition

Digital Materials:

- Simulate rubber - the rubber like materials within the pack have a full Shore scale A range including; Shore 27, 40, 50, 60, 70, 85 and 95, simulating products made of elastomers/rubber.

- Simulate toughness - The rigid materials of this pack range from simulating standard plastics to the strength and toughness of engineering-grade ABS.


- Objet FullCure720                                  

- Objet VeroClear



- Objet TangoGray

- Objet TangoBlack

- Objet TangoPlus

- Objet TangoBlackPlus

Rigid Opaque:

- Objet VeroWhitePlus

- Objet VeroBlue

- Objet VeroGray

- Objet VeroBlack


*These materials combine dimensional stability and high-detail visualization. The Objet Vero family is intended for standard plastics simulations that strongly resemble the end look of a product.

Polypropylene Like

Combine Objet DurusWhite with:

- Objet VeroWhitePlus 

- Objet VeroGray

- Objet VeroBlue 

- Objet FullCure720


Medical Applications:

- Dental

- Orthodontics

- Biocompatable Med610

- Hearing Aids

Important Note:

Objet materials are Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) compliant. It has a high impact resistance heat deflection temperature (HDT) and a higher HDTcan be achieved after thermal post treatment in a programmable oven using different temperature profiles.



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