SLS can create  metal, plastic, glass and ceramic
   models through additive manufacturing.




Selective Laser Sintering Solutions

How It Works

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is an additive manufacturing process. A high powered laser is used in this additive manufacturing technique in SLS. Our technology allows the laser to fuse tiny metal, plastic, glass or ceramic particles into a 3D Model. SLS machines also use CAD files to help produce the prototype, and selectively fusing powdered materials. This fusing is achieved by scanning cross-sections, which are also generated from CAD data. After each section has been scanned, the base of the machine is lowered, in order to apply the next layer. This additive manufacturing technique also permits a wide use of materials. A great selection of polymers (such as polystyrene, nylon, titanium, alloys and steel mixtures) are available for your unique rapid 3D prototype. 


What Proto3000 Provides

Proto3000 Inc. offers and uses the most advanced SLS materials with durable and industrial environmental prototyping applications. We use Rapid Prototyping materials in today's market to achieve your innovative needs and product launch goals. We go above and beyond our clients expectations to deliver results in any industry using a wide range of 2D / 3D Engineering services , 3D Laser scanning and reverse engineering processes and materials.





With the selective laser sintering (SLS) rapid prototyping process your 3D Prototypes will:

• Excel in load bearing applications at higher temperatures

• Build prototypes and end-use parts without tooling

• Create accurate and repeatable parts as demanded by manufacturers

• Machinable and paintable for demonstration parts

• Nicely balanced mechanical properties and processability

• Build prototypes that withstand functional testing polypropylene

• Build prototypes that withstand aggressive functional testing

• Increase market opportunities through enhanced properties

• Eliminate painting by using black color

• Build prototypes that withstand functional testing

• Produce durable end-use parts without tooling colors

• Withstands repeated bending and flexing

• Create complex patterns without welds or joints

• Reduce lead times resulting in faster time-to market

• Compatible with autoclaves, low-temperature furnaces, and vacuum plaster casting methods

• Easy to assemble and repair patterns

• Rapidly test new designs in iterative process



Trends, Applications, History and Outlook

SLS has made an impression in the automotive, aerospace, athletic footwear equipment, consumer products and motorsport industries plus many more.

With its industry leading capabilities, Proto3000 is able to print both flexible and rigid materials at the same time, in the same product. For example, if prototyping a human jaw line, tissues and bone can easily be distinguished by different materials (that have different flexibilities and appearnece). This advanced technology gives its user a more advanced mode through all stages of dental and orthodontic research and development.

In both the dental industry, models of teeth and jaw lines are accurately reproduced to create life-sized, accurate (within 16 microns) replicas that are used as surgical guidelines. As discussed before, the ability to print materials with different compositions (ie. flexible and rigid) creates a more customized prototype. Fillings, crowns, body parts or any other dental or orthodontic aspect can be recreated and printed in any model.

“Choosing the right equipment to get the best return on investment is not trivial,” explains Avi Cohen, Head of Medical Solutions at Objet. “Objet enables dental practitioners to reap the maximum benefits from the digital dentistry era, which is exactly what we’ll be demonstrating at the International Dental Expo Rome."


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