Selective Laser Sintering Services 

Using 3D System SLS equipment, 
you can cut down on prototyping 
and modeling time. 





Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 

Selective Laser Sintering is an additive manufacturing process that uses lasers to systematically sinter a powdered material. Once the CAD file has been created, the laser is controlled to harden/solidify (through heat and a fuse) designated areas until the model is complete. This process is completed one horizontal layer at a time. Our Experts here at Proto3000 can assist you through all aspects of your SLS build, whether remotely or on-site.


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Selective Laser Sintering Applications 


Working Models - In Colour!

The SLS technologies in house at Proto3000 offer you the ability to print in colour.
Better simulate end-products with functioning, visually appealing 3D models.


The Ultimate Simulation Material

The machines used at Proto3000 utilize real thermoplastics and metals.
These materials will help you simulate real-life scenarios.




The Right Machine For the Job

Proto3000 operates 3 different SLS machines, providing you with every SLS solution you need.
Based on your unique project needs, we can assist you in choosing the right machine for the job.





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