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The factory of the future exists today. New additive manufacturing technologies are changing the way products are envisioned, developed, and produced. Receive expert end-to-end product development and manufacturing services from our team to ensure your concept grows into a finished product equipped for the industries of today and tomorrow.


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How It Works


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Finishing & Assembly


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With 1000s of material options including strong thermoplastics, bio-compatible materials, rigid, rubber, full colour and metals


The right materials matter. With our in-house mix of additive manufacturing technologies, we offer a dynamic range of materials which cater to a variety of applications throughout your product development lifecycle. With options, we can meet the critical, time and cost-sensitive needs of manufacturers and product development teams while still delivering on the complex geometries and benefits of working with additive processes. From fast concept modeling to highly detailed hyperrealistic end-use parts, we have material solutions to usher in a new generation of products and parts


Explore All Materials

3D Printing Services Colour Materials

3D Printing Services Standard Plastics

Standard Plastics

An FDM process perfect for prototyping and perfecting your final design

3D Printing Services Engineering Plastics

Engineering Plastics

Durable plastic that produces accurate, repeatable, and stable 3D models

3D Printing Services Advanced Materials

High-Performance Plastics

Production-grade thermoplastics with high resistances built for the toughest manufacturing environments

3D Printing Services Photopolymers


Polyjet material offering fine details and hyperrealism simulating both flexible and rigid multi-colour 3D models.


3D Printing Services Metal Printing


Create prototypes with strong mechanical properties and metallic appearance



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3D Printing Technologies


Additive manufacturing is redefining how parts and products are imagined, designed, and produced. With unlimited design potential, you can create parts that are stronger and lighter with improved performance and unique functionality. Gone are the days of one size fits all; with additive, you can now take a customized and low-volume approach to your product development and manufacturing. Work with our team of additive experts to dream the impossible and make the unmakeable with world-class technology.

3D Printing Services Fused Deposition Modeling

Fused Deposition Modeling


3D Printing Services PolyJet



3D Printing Services Stereolithography



3D Printing Services Selective Laser Sintering

Selective Laser Sintering


3D Printing Services Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Direct Metal Laser Sintering




The right finish can mean the difference between a raw prototype and a product that’s ready for the market. Our expert finishing services can help create visually striking prototypes that enhance the purpose and functionality of your 3D printed parts. Using our state of the art finishing technologies, such as our semi-downdraft spray booth, we take 3D printed parts and transform them into something you would be proud to put your name on.


Explore Finishing Options 

3D Printing Services Spray Booth Part Finishing

3D Printing Services Bonding and Gluing


3D Printing Services Bead Blasting

Bead Blasting

3D Printing Services Painting and Airbrushing


3D Printing Services Sealing and Filling


3D Printing Services Electroplating


3D Printing Services Mass Finishing

Mass Finishing

3D Printing Services Sanding


3D Printing Services Part Smoothing



  • Concept Modeling

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Rapid Tooling

  • Low-Volume Production

  • Contract Manufacturing

  • Product Development

  • DDM

  • Function Testing

  • Form & Fit

  • Manufacturing Tools


Utilizing our additive manufacturing applications opens the door to true breakthroughs in production and product development. With this technology, you can create products and parts that have enhanced performance and function due to complete freedom of design. With economies of scale mitigated and the line between volume and cost blurring, the stage is set for localized, on-demand production. Focus on conceptualizing your best idea and let us worry about manufacturing it.


3D Printing Services Nylon Material