The Best 3D Printer for Product Development and Designers

Stratasys J850 3D printer perfume bottle example

The Best 3D Printer for Product Development and Designers

While additive manufacturing fostered by 3D printers has revolutionized product design and development, so far it’s been a bit of a case of the tail wagging the dog.

While designers and developers have taken advantage of high-quality, rapid prototyping, they are never-the-less at the mercy of the limitations of even the best 3D printers for product development. 

That often means making do with materials that are not your first choice; using colours that may not be to the specifications of the finished parts, and waiting for even the simplest iterations to be printed to a resolution that may not be necessary for this round.

But now you can say goodbye to all that. 

Design Without Limitations with the Stratasys J850 & J835 3D Printer 


While features like high print quality and printing speed have long ago been mastered by professional 3D printer technology, it isn’t until now that the technology has been able to serve designers, versus the other way around.


The features of the Stratasys J850 & J835 3D printers deliver benefits that can make every design better.


Use Up to 7 Different Materials in One Print – Using regular 3D print technology, many functional prototypes still needed to wait for parts from different passes or printers, depending on the materials needed. Now you can eliminate that downtime with single-pass prototypes printed using materials of different flexibility, transparency, textures and performance specifications.

Iterate in Full Colour – It’s difficult to quantify the cost in time and resources incurred when you can’t iterate in true colour, but it’s probably far higher than anyone imagines. The J850 and J835 both print in over 500,000 full-colour combinations, including 1,900 printable PANTONE ValidatedTM colours.

Prototype Faster – Not every prototype needs to meet end-user specifications. The J850’s ultra-high-speed draft mode in DraftGray material lets you prototype faster and more economically.

Lower Your Costs – When you add them all up, the J850’s powerful features, and the benefits they offer product designers, from streamlined prototyping to more informed feedback, are a boost to your bottom line too.


Explore the Stratasys J850 & J835 3D printer today and get in touch with our team to start creating your next big idea.

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