Brooks 3D Printed Shoe Soles

Brooks Running

Prototyping Running Shoes

American Olympic Track & Field gold medalist Jesse Owens once said, “We all have dreams. In order to make dreams come into reality it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.” For Brooks Running, a Seattle-based footwear company, The Stratasys Connex3 3D printer has enabled their prototyping dreams to come to life at their in-house facility.

Moving Prototyping Forward

Before implementing additive manufacturing into their workflow, Kenn Krotzer, CEO of Brooks Running, admitted that conventional prototyping processes were inefficient. A fresh approach to prototyping was needed for companies such as Brooks Running to continue to innovate in design, production, and manufacturing as the industries desperately look to meet consumer demands. As consumer buying cycles are expedited by customer feedback and tighter purchasing seasons, prototyping quickly and getting to market faster is a competitive advantage all companies are after.

The Connex3 3D printer from Stratasys enables companies like Brooks Running to design and build functional prototypes that feature different colours and textures. As a versatile, professional grade, multi-material printer, the Connex3 is perfect for mid to high-end prototyping applications. It has allowed design teams to iterate quickly and print objects with ease and flexibility, without overcomplicating the product development cycle.