GrabCAD Print & Keyshot Rendering Software Integration Benefits

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GrabCAD Print & Keyshot Rendering Software Integration Benefits

If you’ve used GrabCAD Print to streamline your additive manufacturing workflow on Stratasys printers, at some point, you’ve considered yourself lucky. There are few other areas of business where a community comes together to develop such a robust and crucial app and freely shares it with everyone.

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Even better, the community constantly improves the app, and GrabCAD Print’s recent integration with Keyshot rendering software is as good an example as any.

Luxion’s Keyshot is the real-time 3D rendering software by which all others are compared with. To say Keyshot is feature-rich would do it a disservice.  Simply put, there’s no other rendering software that allows for more intuitive and realistic designs and renders or a higher level of manipulation. 

  • Adding and Swapping Textures
  • Bump mapping
  • Easy and accurate material assignments and editing
  • Accurate and consistent colour
  • High-speed rendering

What used to take many different apps to accomplish, Keyshot offers in one package that also lets you go directly from 3D modelling to printing.  


3 Benefits of Keyshot Rendering Software for Your 3D Printing Workflow


Keyshots 3D rendering software lets you view a 3D model in a 3D environment. You can customize the properties of SOLIDWORKS, STEP, or CAD file models, including colour, texture, and lighting, with drag-and-drop ease.  The detail and realism aren’t an issue with 3MF file compatibility and exported files maintain colour and texture data.  

It all adds up to streamlining your 3D printing workflow

  1. Higher Design Quality – Integrating colour material finish (CMF) models sooner in the design process lets designers and developers make more informed design decisions.
  2. Fewer Iterations & Prototypes – The realism, accuracy and ease of customization you get from Keyshot mean you can do more in design before taking the time and effort to print.
  3. Faster & Less Costly – Keyshot accelerates rapid prototyping and cuts the costs of product development. 

To learn more about design for additive manufacturing, check out our post “Design for Additive Manufacturing – Generative Design Use Cases”.


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