Designing Movie Characters with Voxel Print

Character Creation Stratasys J750 Voxel Full Color 3D Printing

Designing Movie Characters with Voxel Print


GrabCAD Voxel Print is a new 3D modeling software from Stratasys that enables unparalleled design control. Paired with the J750 3D printer, the software provides an innovative and groundbreaking way to design and print more complex composite materials. Production studios such as LAIKA, known for their animated films such as Coraline, Kubo and the Two Strings, Boxtrolls and more, has implemented in-house rapid prototyping for many of their stories and characters. Brian McLean, an award-winning rapid prototyping engineer specializing in stop-motion animation film production, has been a crucial resource to our development teams because of the immense detail and consistency required for his team’s work in creating LAIKA’s lovable and emotionally complex characters.

The technical director of LAIKA, Robert Ducey, was recently on hand at a San Fransisco based Voxel Print event we co-hosted at the University of California, San Francisco.  He provided tangible examples of his innovative approaches to attendees and outlined concepts and processes LAIKA used that helped our engineers develop a more flexible and concise software product.  He shared with the attendees a variety of character puppets that were designed using voxel print foundations and printed in multi-color, multi-material forms on Stratasys Polyjet technology. His team then digitally animated the printed puppets to perfection in order to bring the characters in their entertaining films to life for audiences of all ages.


What is a Voxel?

In the most basic of terms a voxel is a 3-dimensional pixel. GrabCAD Voxel Print lets users control the physical characteristics of their model down to the individual voxel level, including all interior elements. This video goes through the basics of Voxel 3D printing and how you can achieve incredible detail and realism. 


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