​We use the newest and most innovative SLA
   equipment on the market to deliver the perfect product.




Proto3000's Stereolithography Equipment 

Proto3000's rapid prototyping solutions are a product of our commitment and dedication to finding the industries leading technologies to enhance the product development process. This journey has led us to finding the SLA 5000 and iPro 8000 SLA production 3D printers from 3D Systems. The versatility and size of the machines allow for the ability to tackle a wide range of solid imaging applications. These rapid prototyping systems are designed to create industrial grade prototypes, providing clients with final parts that have outstanding surface finishing, high resolution, and durability. 


Proto3000 Stereolithography (SLA) Overview



The Technology

  • Liquid resin is cured (hardened) by a UV (ultra violet) laser into the shape programmed
  • A UV light traces the desired shape, hardening any resin it touches before the print tray drops
  • Plastic prototypes for design verification and testing
  • Accurate models for casting and molding
  • Devices for pre-production tooling
  • Equipment for manufacturing aids, vendor
  • Testing for limited production runs

3D Systems' SLA 5000

  • Uses "SmartSweep" technologies
  • Large 508 x 508 x 584 mm (20 x 20 x 23 in) build envelope to create larger single parts, or multiple smaller parts in a single build
  • Includes easy-to-use Lightyear™ file preparation software
  • Companies like GM, AlliedSignal, and Daimler-Benz use the SLA 5000 because it is designed to handle "mission-critical solid imaging workloads" (3D Systems)
  • Compatible with a wide range of SLA materials

​3D Systems' iPro 8000 SLA

  • The iPro 8000 SLA is a mid-range system with high productivity.
  • It builds parts in a time and cost effective manner.
  • Build with unprecedented surface smoothness, feature resolution, edge definition and tolerances that rival the accuracy of parts that are CNC-machined.

 Large Scale Models

  • Print your idea in any size - large designs can be printed in parts and assembled after printing
  • ​The large build tray of the SLA 5000 permits large scale models, including architectural, to be built in one run




Great Material Selection

  • Our SLA production grade 3D Rapid Prototyping machines have an expansive material selection. 
  • ​These materials include heavy duty, industrial grade thermoplastics capable of high heat resistance
  • ​The final product prototype will be able to handle extensive testing

Finishing Available

  • With the smooth surface finish of SLA printed parts, finishing is not a problem.
  • ​Our SLA machines can often produce parts that mimc the end-use product visually with the basic materials, but if finishing is necessary, the final product from the machine can be painted, polished and refined. 



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