​Produce High-Temp Resistant and Durable models
   with quick turnaround times.




Stereolithography (SLA) Rapid Prototyping Services 


Proto3000's SLA rapid prototyping services is a cost effective way to accelerate your product
development and decrease your time-to market. 

Outsourcing for services can save precious time if you are on a tight deadline. Employing Proto3000 as your SLA service partner when your system is down,
while CAD designers and product engineers could focus on the details necessary to produce high
quality results.  



SLA Process

  SLA Benefits

Stereolithography (SLA) is an additive fabrication process utilizing a vat of liquid UV-curable photopolymer "resin" and a UV laser to build parts a layer at a time

On each layer, the laser beam traces a part cross-section pattern on the surface of the liquid resin

  • Extremely Strong, Durable Models
  • Thin Walls
  • Many Finishing Options Available
  • Many High Caliber Materials to Choose From
  • One of the quickest forms of rapid prototyping 
  • Accurate and robust parts

Why Do Your SLA
Prototyping With

Here's just a few reasons...

Quick Turnaround Times

High-Temp Resistant and Durable 

Large Parts, Not a Problem!

CNC-Comparable Edge Definition

Wide Range of Finishing



Proto3000 SLA Service Advantages


Print Your Designs In 3D

SLA rapid prototyping is capable of
versatile prints. 

You can create 3D models with excellent detail and quality. 

Different plastic and nylon prototypes and material variations eliminate the need for finishing. 


 Find Your Perfect Material

Proto3000 also offers you the late and most innovative Stereolithography solutions 

With our industry leading equipment, we can tailor any part to your exact project needs

​There are numerous materials to choose
from, including high-temperature and transparent/clear materials. 


Collaboration Is Key

Benefit from Proto3000's extensive
experience with Stereolithography (SLA) processes. 

​We can find the right solution no matter
your unique rapid prototyping application. 


Quick Turn-around Times

SLA Rapid Prototyping is one of the
quickest forms of additive manufacturing available on the market today. 

Proto3000 provides quick quotes, and express options so your can receive your part within your project timeframe. 




Cost-Effective Product Development

Outsourcing your prototyping needs can
keep capital expenditures on equipment
much lower. If you do not have the
revenues to justify purchasing a machine,
or the human resources needed to
operate one, let Proto3000
take care of you.  



Applications really are endless, but here are
a few popular ones:

  • Fit and form testing
  • Prototypes
  • Product Inspection 
  • Show Models
  • Product showcasing to investors



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