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Stereolithography Rapid Prototyping Solutions

How it Works

Stereolithography is an additive fabrication process utilizing a vat of liquid UV-curable photopolymer "resin" and a UV laser to build parts a layer at a time. On each layer, the laser beam traces a part cross-section pattern on the surface of the liquid resin. Exposure to the UV laser light cures, or, solidifies the pattern traced on the resin and adheres it to the layer below.

After a pattern has been traced, the SLA's elevator platform descends by a single layer thickness, typically 0.05 mm to 0.15 mm (0.002" to 0.006"). Then, a resin-filled blade sweeps across the part cross section, re-coating it with fresh material. On this new liquid surface the subsequent layer pattern is traced, adhering to the previous layer. A complete 3D part is formed by this process. After building, parts are cleaned of excess resin by immersion in a chemical bath and then cured in a UV oven.


What Proto3000 Provides

We use Rapid Prototyping materials in today's market to achieve your innovative needs and product launch goals. We go above and beyond our clients expectations to deliver results in any industry using a wide range of 2D and 3D Engineering services, 3D Laser scanning and reverse engineering processes and materials.

Proto3000 offers you a wide selection of SLA compatible 3D Printing materials. They include:


Accura 60 Plastic - Rapid Prototype Material - SLA

  • Features: Polycarbonate appearance, Clear Material, Humidity resistant, Durable
  • Industries: Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Medical instruments - devices - labware


Accura 55 Plastic - Rapid Prototyping Material - SLA

  • Features: Simulates Molded ABS, Rigid Material, Low Viscosity Formulation
  • Industries: Automotive, Electronic components, Marketing models, Master patterns



Accura 50 Plastic - Rapid Prototyping Material - SLA

  • Features: Simulates Molded ABS, Stiff Material, Snap Fits, Grey or Other Colours
  • Industries: Automotive " Under Hood Parts, Component Manufacturing



Accura 45Hc Plastic - Rapid Prototyping Material - SLA

  • Features: Highly Accurate, Nylon 6:6 plastic properties, Suitable for thin walls, Humidity resistant
  • Industries: Automotive, HVAC Component Manufacturing, Oceanic Research



Somos 11122 Transparent Plastic - Rapid Prototyping Material - SLA

  • Features: Translucent, Highly Accurate, Nylon 6:6 plastic properties, Suitable for thin walls, Heat resistant
  • Industries: Automotive, Lighting Component Manufacturing, Wind Tunnel testing



Accura Amethyst Material - Rapid Prototyping Material - SLA

  • Features: Outstanding Accurate, Exceptional Detail, High Thermal Resistance, High detailed concept models
  • Industries: Jewelry, Vulcanizing Rubber Molding Manufacturing, Pattern Mould Manufacturing



Accura Bluestone Material - Rapid Prototyping Material - SLA

  • Features: Rigid Nanocomposite, High Temperature resisitant, High Humidity resistant
  • Industries: Motorsports, Aerospace, Lighting Manufacturing, Wind Tunnel testing, Pump manufacturing, Connector and adapter manufacturing within aqueous environments



Accura 25 Plastic - Rapid Prototyping Material - SLA

  • Features: Simulates Polypropylene, Accurate Detail, Highly flexible, Excellent Shape retention
  • Industries: Automotive, Consumer electronics, Toys, Foot wear, Orthodics, Ergonomic support designers



Somos 18420 Plastic - Rapid Prototyping Material - SLA

  • Features: ABS like, Accurate, Detailed concept models, General purpose
  • Industries: Cell phone manufacturing, Computer control displays, fluid flow analysis





  • Increased market opportunities for models
  • Reliable and robust functional prototypes
  • Suitable for master patterns
  • More parts and better system utilization
  • Maximize reliability with no user R&D
  • Bluestone parts resist deformation even under heavy loads
  • Resists temperatures up to 250 °C, making it suitable for tooling or other demanding applications
  • Part retain their properties over time
  • No expensive mixing equipment required
  • Consistent mechanical properties, even on long builds
  • Improves/enhance demanding applications: wind tunnel, soft tooling and injection mold tooling
  • Suitable for thin-walled parts that require the stiffness of high performance engineering parts
  • View internal features and passages
  • Increase system throughput
  • Realize extended part life







Trends, Applications, History and Outlook


3D Prototypes created by stereolithography are now strong enough to be machined and can be used as master patterns for injection molding and even metal casting processes. Being cost and time effective in comparison to molding and tooling, the outlook for this 3D solution is on the rise. Stereolithography can also produce a wide variety of shapes, finishes, textures and colours.


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