​   Combine powerful technology with easy-to-use
   operations to optimize your FDM applications.



Fused Deposition Modeling Applications

​With a wide range of FDM materials available, any application can be tackled. Material changes can be made quickly and easily with low maintenance costs making for a great ROI. Increased productivity levels will be enjoyed as you do not have to supervise the process. If your application isn't listed, don't fret - it is a rapidly growing market and we are most definitely able to accommodate your exact project needs.


Fit, Form and Function Testing

Determine the physical, functional and performance features that identify a specific part. With fit, form and function testing, determine characteristics that will help you better evaluate your model.

Rapid Tooling Patterns

Form metal/ceramic composite molds for injection molding which can produce
thousands of plastic parts.

Precise, Detailed Parts

Although FDM technologies produce durable models, they can still produce small intricate models. Scaled down models of your
prototype can be tested appropriately.

High Heat Applications

Unlike regular 3D Printing, FDM technologies
can withstand high heat tolerances. This is
great for parts that will be subjected to
high heat, allowing you to better test and
analyze your model.




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