STRATASYS FDM 3D Printing Material


Engineering Thermoplastic Made For High-Impact and Heat Resistance

PC-ABS (polycarbonate-ABS) is a tough, durable, and heat-resistant 3D printing material from Stratasys. It is a high-impact engineering thermoplastic designed to work with FDM (Fused Depostiion Modeling) 3D printing technology and perfect for producing tooling, prototypes, and end-use parts or when heat-resistance and impact strength are important.


Featuring the best characteristics of PC and ABS, PC-ABS is a great FDM printing material for demanding applications like power-tool prototyping and industrial equipment manufacturing. Using real engineering thermoplastics,  print parts that are stronger for tooling and prototyping where exact material properties are needed for the best final product. PC-ABS features the strength and heat resistance of PC combined with the flexibility of ABS and is topped off with excellent feature definition and surface finishes.


PC ABS Fixture


Understanding FDM 3D Printing Materials

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) has different materials for different projects. With material properties ranging in strength, chemical resistance, heat resistance, and certification it can be tough to know which one to choose. That’s why we created this guide to help make the best choice.

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Material Performance

PC-ABS is one of the most widely used industrial thermoplastics. PC-ABS offers the most desirable properties of both materials – the superior strength and heat resistance of PC and the flexibility of ABS.

Material Properties Izod notch testing


214 J/m XZ axis

Material Properties Heat Deflection

Heat Deflection


Material Properties Flexural Strength


59 MPa XZ axis
41 MPa ZX axis

Material Properties Tensile Strength


29 MPa XZ axis
28 MPa ZX axis

Material Highlights


  • Opaque
  • Tough and durable
  • Heat-resistant
  • Dimensionally stable


  • Available in Black only


  • Automotive parts and prototype, electronics and telecommunications
  • Functional prototypes
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Manufacturing tooling
  • Production parts


  • Best impact resistance of any FDM material
  • Excellent feature definition and surface finish
  • Hands-free support removal

Performance Scale

Material Colours

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Technical Specifications

Mechanical Properties Test MethodEnglish Metric
Tensile Strength (Type 1, 0.125”, 0.2”/min)ASTM D6385,900 psi41 MPa
Tensile Modulus (Type 1, 0.125”, 0.2”/min) ASTM D638278,000 psi1,900 MPa
Tensile Elongation (Type 1, 0.125”, 0.2”/min)ASTM D6386%6%
Flexural Strength (Method 1, 0.05”/min)ASTM D7909,800 psi68 MPa
Flexural Modulus (Method 1, 0.05”/min)ASTM D790280,000 psi1,900 MPa
IZOD Impact, notched (Method A, 23°C)ASTM D2563.7 ft-lb/in196 J/m
IZOD Impact, un-notched (Method A, 23°C)ASTM D2569 ft-lb/in481 J/m
Thermal PropertiesTest MethodEnglishMetric
Heat Deflection (HDT) @ 66 psiASTM D648230°F110°C
Heat Deflection (HDT) @ 264 psiASTM D648205°F96°C
Vicat Softening TemperatureASTM D1525234°F112°C
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)DMA (SSYS)257°F125°C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion4.10 E -05 in/in/°F
Melt PointNANA
Electrical PropertiesTest MethodValue Range
Volume ResistivityASTM D2572.0x10e14 – 4.4x10e13 ohm-cm
Dielectric ConstantASTM D150-982.9 – 2.7
Dissipation FactorASTM D150-98.0035 – .0032
Dielectric StrengthASTM D149-09, Method A340 – 90 V/mil
OtherTest MethodValue
Specific GravityASTM D7921.10
DensityASTM D7920.0397 lb/in3
Flame ClassificationUL94HB
Rockwell HardnessASTM D785R110
UL File NumberE345258


Functional Testing with 3D Printing

Functional Prototyping

Rapid prototype and build parts designed to be tested

Jigs and Fixtures with 3D Printing

Jigs and Fixtures

Design complex jigs and fixtures that are made to last

3D printing Production Parts

End-Use Parts

3D print parts that are strong and durable, and ready for the world

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