Selective Laser Sintering Services 

Using 3D System SLS equipment, 
you can cut down on prototyping 
and modeling time. 





Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Material Datasheets 

Selective Laser Sintering is an additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping process that builds 3D parts by using a laser to selectively sinter (heat and fuse) powdered materials. SLS parts are built layer-by-layer from a 3D CAD file, which is turned into 2D cross sections and sent to an SLS machine for production. SLS materials possess chemical resistance, low moisture absorption and excellent surface resolution properties.

Selective Laser Sintering services use the most advanced 3D printing systems on the market. SLS machines can produce nylon prototypes with added materials to create parts and models with high durability and strength. Using  SLS technology you will be able to manufacture real thermoplastic materials with a positive ROI every time.​


Nylon 12 PA 650 for Laser Sintering

The Nylon 12 PA 650 is a white coloured material which has excellent surface resolution and feature details.
The chemical resistance and low moisture absorption allows the material to be used for creating designs or prototype plastic parts. It is durable material and perfect for producing snap-fit prototypes.

Colour Availability


Use Nylon 12 PA 650 for the following applications:

• Manufacturing housings and enclosures
• Creating Impellers and connectors
• Function testing snap-fit designs
• Direct Digital Manufacturing
• Complex production of ductwork
• Prototyping plastic parts

Nylon 12 GF (Glass-filled) for Laser Sintering

The Nylon 12 GF is a light grey coloured material which has excellent mechanical stiffness and elevated temperature resistance. The Nylon 12 GF is a dimensionally stable material and is perfect for creating functional prototypes and parts that will withstand rugged functional testing. It is heat resistant while retaining its original flexibility and physical properties.
Colour Availability


Use Nylon 12 GF for the following applications:

• Manufacturing housings and enclosures
• Manufacturing Consumer and Sporting Goods
• Creating prototypes of complex plastic parts
• Fit, form and function testing
•  Manufacturing parts that require stiffness
Coming Soon

​Nylon 12 AF (Aluminum-filled) for Laser Sintering

The Nylon 12 AF is a grey-metallic coloured polyamide material created for selective laser sintering. It has improved tensile and flex (stronger and stiffer) parts. Offers good wear resistance and highly detailed production features. It is an excellent material for applications which require superior surface finishing.
Colour Availability

Light Metallic

Use Nylon 12 AF for the following applications:

• Aerospace, racing, motor sports, automotive and design, packaging and electronics, consumer product, household appliances and industrial manufacturing
• Creating functional components
• Manufacturing intake manifolds such as aspiration and cooling ducts and air intakes
• Wind tunnel testing - manufacturing parts
• Jigs and fixtures tooling



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