Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Services  

Fused Deposition Modeling Services 

Accelerate your time-to-market, use Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Services  before you mass produce. Here's everything you need to know...



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Fused Deposition Modeling Services 

Proto3000 offers fused deposition modeling services for those rapid prototyping projects that require durable grade properties. We use top of the line FDM rapid prototyping machines to produce the highest grade prototypes that meet your project requirements, including color and material properties. Fused deposition modeling is a rapid prototyping process that offers versatility and selection. Our surfaces can include anything from basic FDM 3D prototypes, to different colours and custom finishes. The most popular prototype properties are polycarbonate and ABS prototypes, but with advancements in technology more materials have become available. The materials are exceedingly durable, with heat resistance, and structural integrity being common requests. FDM services at Proto3000 have never been easier. We boast quick turnaround times, and our service staff will guide you through the material selection process. 

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FDM Rapid Prototyping Services Requirements

Lead time: Our lead time is 1-5 business days depending on  material, build queue, and system.

FDM Layer thickness: Horizontal build layers can be built in the following sizes:  0.005",  0.007", 0.010 " and 0.013."​

Minimum Wall Thickness: 0.040" walls for main walls and 0.020" for feature sizes. For clearances for holes and assemblies, minimum thickness is 0.020."​

Accuracy: Parts are produced within an accuracy of ± .127 mm (± .005 in.) or ± .0015 mm/mm (± .0015 in/in), whichever is greater. Accuracy is geometry dependent. Achievable accuracy specification derived from statistical data at 95% dimensional yield.

Build size: For a single piece is 10" x 10" x 12". The maximum build tray is 16" x 14" x 16" (Fortus 400mc).​

FDM is a manufacturing process that uses additive fabrication technology to build thermoplastic prototypes or production parts by laying down material in layers. Proto3000 can build your model parts in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional manufacturing processes.
FDM technology common uses:
  • Ramping up production, while waiting for tooling

  • Low-volume production

  • Replacement part manufacturing

  • Limited/special edition products

  • One of a kind products

  • Jigs and fixtures

  • Design verification

  • Functional testing

  • Product end-use

  • Marketing tools

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Prosthetics

  • Simulation

  • High-Heat and Chemical Resistance

  • Manufacturing Tooling





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