Polyjet 3D Printing Services Equipment

Accelerate your time-to-market. 3D Printing with Polyjet technology
prior to mass production. 
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Polyjet 3D Printing Services Equipment

When you choose Proto3000 as your 3D printing services bureau you can be reassured that we have the top of the line 3D printers to prototype your product to the specifications you need. We offer 3D printing services that appeal to a wide range of needs without incurring the costs of bringing a 3D printer in-house. Our Polyjet 3D printing equipment is capable of printing a wide range of materials and catering to the complex geometries of your design. When choosing Proto3000 for your 3D printing services you will have access to the full range of Objet 3D Printers including the Connex series for multi-material complex builds, the Eden series for larger and highly detailed prototype models, and finally the desktop series for durable plastic prototyping services.  


The Best Equipment for your 3D Printing Service Needs


The Power of Connex

The Connex line of 3D printers is the superior choice for 3D printing services. Capable of unimaginable prototyping applications, the Connex line is a complete solution for most 3D printing projects. With access to the full range of materials, and the ability to combine them, the Connex 500 3D printer will ensure your prototyping service is of the highest quality and function. 

Professional 3D Printing Services from Eden

Proto3000 uses the Eden series of 3D printers for high volume and larger part Polyjet 3D printing services. The Eden series can create prototypes that are durable, versatile, and accurate all at a rapid pace. Running Polyjet 3D printing services through the Eden series is a big advantage to our clients as they can produce multiple prototypes, with varying materials, in large quantities, in reasonable time frames all in a single build. 

Quick and Easy 3D Printing 

​Proto3000's in-house Desktop 3D printers provide quick and easy solutions for basic 3D printing needs. With high speeds and high resolution, these 3D printers can create simulated models to varying specifications. Capable of simulating plastics and ABS plastics, our desktop equipment is a credible solution for services. 




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