Polyjet Matrix 3D Printing Services Process

Accelerate your time-to-market. Use Polyjet Matrix 3D Printing prior to mass production. Here's everything you need to know...






The PolyJet Matrix 3D Printing Services Process


The Polyjet Matrix process works similar to the Polyjet 3D printing process. 


Objet’s patent-pending PolyJet Matrix technology works by jetting two distinct Objet FullCure® photopolymer model materials in preset combinations.

The dual-jet process can combine materials in several ways, enabling the simultaneous use of two different rigid materials, two flexible materials, one of each type, any combination with transparent material, or two jets of the same material.

Each material is funneled to a dedicated liquid system connected to the PolyJet Matrix block, which contains 8 printing heads. Two perfectly synchronized printing heads are designated for each material, including the support material.

PolyJet Matrix Technology controls every one of the 96 nozzles in every print head. Preset composites of model materials are jetted from designated nozzles according to location and model type, providing full control of the structure of the jetted material and hence of its mechanical properties. This enables each composite material, called a “Digital Material”, to provide specific values for tensile strength, elongation to break, HDT and even Shore A values.

The materials are jetted in ultra-thin layers onto a build tray, layer by layer, until the part is completed. Each photopolymer layer is cured by UV light immediately after it is jetted, producing fully cured models that can be handled and used immediately, without post-curing. The gel-like support material, which is specially designed to support complicated geometries, is easily removed by hand and water jetting.

Dedicated Objet Studio for Connex™ software manages the process, handling multi-material STL files and creating files that combine different materials, assemblies and model characteristics.

Digital Materials

Polyjet Matrix Technology expands the range of materials available for 3D printing. These multi-phase composite materials are created by combining different FullCure materials. Different variations of materials will yield a new material with different physical properties and mechanical capabilities. The original materials are altered to reflect the desired shore values, tensile strength and flexural strength. 

Polyjet Matrix 3D Printing Advantage

  • Multi-material 3D printing
  • Mixed trays
  • High Quality models and parts
  • Wide variety of Materials
  • Wide range of applications
  • Clean technology 
  • Maximize system yield
  • Multiple models on a single tray
  • Rubber-like and rigid materials 
  • Instant curing
  • Easy finishing 
  • 16 Micron ultra thin layers
  • High resolution 3D printing services
  • Thin walls
  • Slice on the fly
  • Digital materials 
  • Close emulation of final products 

PolyJet Technology Brief & Diagram 




Proto3000 Polyjet Matrix 3D Printing Service Process 

Much like any other business conducted with Proto3000, we believe in customer service. Our 3D printing services process has been designed to streamline the prototyping process, while still achieving the results needed. 

Design It

  If you know what you want, and
  have the tools to create it, we
  can take the design and prep it
  for 3D printing. If you are not
  proficient in 3D CAD design, our
  design engineers can assist you in
  the development of your concept. 

We 3D Print it.

  Using the materials you have
  selected and the 3D printing
  process that suits your needs, we
  send the 3D CAD model to the 3D
  printer to be 3D printed. Our 3D
  printing services have excellent
  turn around times. 

Delivery or Pickup?

  After perfecting your 3D printed
  model, through cleaning and any
  finishing applications, your part is
  ready for you. At Proto3000 you
  can pickup your parts at our
  service bureaus or have them 

  delivered to you.





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