Polyjet 3D Printing Services 

Accelerate your time-to-market. 3D Printing with Polyjet technology
prior to mass production. 
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PolyJet™ 3D Printing Services 

Even the most complex models can now be produced with high quality and precision. With PolyJet™ 3D printing technology, a remarkably efficient way of 3D rapid prototyping was created. Here at Proto3000 we offer Polyjet Rapid Prototyping Services for the creation of 3D models, prototypes, design work, and anything else that requires our prototyping services.  


Polyjet Advantages

Objet Geometries - now Stratasys Ltd. was the first company to successfully jet photopolymer material. When Objet introduced its patented PolyJet™ technology in early 2000, it enabled, for the first time, companies of virtually any size to produce and service complex models quickly and in high-quality.

Since then, Stratasys has continually enhanced the PolyJet process, enabling smaller machines, more accurate builds, and improved cost effectiveness. With non-contact resin handling and water-jet removal of support material, PolyJet is the ideal 3-dimensional printing technology service for office environments.

Stratasys continues to push the technology envelope in order to bring PolyJet-based high-resolution 3-dimensional printing services into the reach of an ever-broader range of companies and professionals. 



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Polyjet 3D Printing Services Advanced Features



Super Thin Layers down to 16-Microns

  • Great for producing smooth surfaces with little to no surface blemishes
  • Microscopic drops are jetted in super-thin layers. These layers can be as thin as 16 microns (0.0006")
  • Thin layers can be achieved for models that have complex geometric

 100 to 300 Micron Accuracy

  • Precise mechanics, electronics, and advanced software features enable tight tolerances
  • These tolerances can range from 100 microns to 300 microns
  • This accuracy can be achieved for 
    most models, but for all geometries 300 microns is the standard 

 Durable Models 

  • The Objet FullCure line of photopolymer resins are the
    foundation of Polyjet Technology
  • Materials offer exceptional flexibility, strength, and transparency, with different colors and material
  • Rubber and plastic materials allow
    for various applications like snap-fits





High Speed 3D Printing Services

  • Polyjet 3D printing technology produces layers in 65mm slices
  • Increase productivity by producing multiple models at the same time
  • Our 3D printing services have fast turn around times because of the high speed mechanical properties of our machines



Thin Walls for Unique Models

  • Polyjet technology means high precision, capable of producing ultra thin walls
  • 3D printed walls down to 0.6 mm
  • Even models with complex geometries can be 3D printed, and allow for various applications 

 Clean, Easy, and Effective

  • With Proto3000's Polyjet 3D printing services we take care of the clean up
  • Your 3D printed models are delivered to you free of any support material
  • Quick cleaning processes ensure that you will receive your 3D printed model sooner then other rapid prototyping processes 




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