DLyte PRO500®

The Most Advanced Metal Surface Polishing Machine on the Market

The DLyte PRO500® is the most advanced, powerful, and versatile metal surface finishing system on the market specially designed for mass production. Powered by DryLyte technology, a new patented technology for the treatment of metal surfaces by ion transport using free solid bodies. The process precisely extracts material only from the peaks of the roughness and penetrates the internal cavities of the metal part to which it cannot be accessed mechanically. It does not round the edges. Instead, it provides high-quality metal surface finishing better, faster, and more efficiently.
The DLyte PRO500 system can be integrated into any manufacturing line, requiring highly complex grinding and polishing processes. It combines an intelligent, and robust design with a high output in a very small footprint.

Polish and Smooth Metal Parts with Precision at Scale

The DLyte PRO500® is powered by patented dry-electropolishing technology which uses solid media (electrolytes) combined with an electrical flow and movement to create a clean and precise polishing process. The system can process multiple metal parts during one cycle with a wide range of material compatibility. DLyte PRO500 includes 3 mechanical movements on each of the 8 perimeter spindles. You can process single or multiple metal parts per holder, which means an optimized capacity and performance.

The DryLyte® technology for surface finishing of metal alloys has various applications that range from grinding, rounding, and deburring to surface smoothing and high gloss polishing of aesthetic parts. DLyte offers the solution for an automated post-process of metal parts, improving the finishing results obtained with traditional polishing systems.

dlyte pro500 mixer

Key Features

Proto3000_Dry Electropolishing icon

Homogeneous Results

DryLyte®electropolishing technology is able to achieve homogeneous results across the entire surface of the part, eliminating scratches at the micro and macroscopic level

Proto3000_Geometry Preservation icon

Geometry preservation

Respects the tolerances and preserves the initial shape, even cutting edges.

Proto3000_Surface Roughness icon-micron symbol

Best surface roughness

Ra under 0.01 micrometers

Proto3000_Repeatability Homogeneity icon

Repeatability and homogeneity

DLyte process guarantees* stable results among different batches within the electrolyte media lifespan.

*Based on Dlyte own testings.

Proto3000_10x Faster and cheaper icon

10 x faster

Up to 10 x faster than current processes. DLyte technology and systems replace multiple steps in the metal surface finishing process.

Proto3000_Environmental icon

Biocompatibility proven

Clean, non-hazardous, and easy waste management. Alternative abrasive processes lead to extremely dusty and noisy environments.

Proto3000_Skewness icon

Negative surface skewness (rsk)

Enhanced negative surface skewness (rsk) which increases the surface bearing that allows uniform film distribution) improving the bearing ratio and reducing the friction between the pieces.

Proto3000_Isotropic Surface icon

Isotropic surfaces

Due to the DryLyte technology, generating grinding texture patterns is avoided, thus improving wear and fracture resistance, as well as fatigue resistance.

Proto3000_Corrosion Resistance icon

Improved corrosion resistance

DLyte is the only system that is able to remove roughness and improve the corrosion resistance of the metal parts at the same time reducing the number of processes required in the manufacturing process.

Discover a cleaner and more efficient way to smooth and polish metal parts


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High capacity and versatile

DLyte PRO500®. One system, multiple applications. It is equipped with 8 perimeter spindles allowing polishing of one or multiple pieces each, using different holders, for a maximum volume of
180 x 250 mm per spindle. The cathode is very close, allowing optimization of capacity as well as improving material removal during the process. Moreover, the system includes a centered spindle for larger parts with a maximum volume of 500 x 250 mm. This, combined with the bottom work bowl cathode, ensures homogenous finishing across the piece.
The relationship between the surface of the workpiece and the volume of the electrolyte is reduced, improving the electrical current flow and reducing the temperature and the possibility of pitting on the parts’ surfaces.


Ø 500 mm (x1)

Ø 180 mm (x8)

  Ø 100 mm (x24)
  Ø 15 mm (x88)  Ø 25 mm x 25 mm (x384)

dlyte pro500 propeller
1 Propeller of 500 mm Ø

dlyte impeller
8 impellers of 180 mm Ø

dlyte pro500 knee implant
24 knee implants per cycle

dlyte pro500 drill bit
88 drill bits per cycle

dlyte pro500 bearing
384 bearings per cycle

Dedicated for mass production

DLyte PRO500’s mechanical systems are robust, accurate and reliable, designed to create the perfect combination of multiple movements and vibrations to maximize performance for mass production.

DLyte PRO500 diagram

DLyte PRO500 holder

Repeatability and homogeneity

DLyte process guarantees stable results among different batches within the electrolyte media lifespan. There is no wear as it would typically occur with abrasive particles.

Repeatability and high output are achieved with innovative power electronics, utilizing the new SIC Pulser technology, with 8 independent high-frequency rectifiers synchronized by optical fiber, delivering up to 360 Amps and 35KW. The new reliable electronics provide better surface finishes, more homogeneous results, and shorter cycle times.

DLyte PRO500 back wired resized

Intuitive software with customizable programs

Easy operation and Advanced automation performed by PLC-based control electronics and a new intuitive interface.
It maximizes the performance and finishing results with its real-time parameters optimization based on conductivity and temperature control.
The intelligent software adjusts parameters to preserve electrolyte quality and prolong its lifespan. It also detects the state of the electrolyte and the remaining useful life.

DLyte PRO500 easy display

User-friendly interface with advanced HMI (human-machine interface)

12-inch panel with TFT color widescreen display. High performance, functionality, and numerous integrated interfaces offer the greatest convenience in DLyte application.

hmi interface DLyte PRO500

Adaptive cathodes

The system includes the possibility to activate the perimeter and inferior cathodes independently, based on the requirements of the polishing. This function allows achieving finishes of greater precision by adapting the electrical current flow to be optimized, based on the geometry of the metal part, resulting in a homogeneous finish.

DLyte PRO500 has 3 different machine packages available, depending on the finishing needs.DLyte PRO500 cathodes

DLyte PRO500 cathode

Wide range of materials

DLyte PRO500 delivers the full range of electrical parameters, from low to high frequency, parameter concatenation and asymmetric voltage.
​In addition, it allows the user to search the ideal parameters for its pieces in the library of processes in the Polishing Manager APP.

Cobalt Chrome, Stainless Steel, Carbides, and main metal alloys such as Nickel, Alluminium and Copper.

Electrolyte 2-dlyte

Easy maintenance access

The design of the DLyte PRO500 frame and its panels ensures and easy access to the internal components for quick maintenance and operation. The eight power units are located on the sides of the machine with forced cooling and separated from the control unit located on the rear side.

DLyte PRO500 maintenance

Intelligent and reliable safety mechanisms

As safety is paramount, DLyte PRO500 is equipped with intelligent and reliable safety mechanisms.

  • Warning Light Tower: Check your production processes at all times with a compact and reliable warning light tower.
  • Magnetic Safety Gates Systems: With an electromagnetic holding force of 500 N or 1000 N, these gates prevent the safeguard from being opened unintentionally. Thanks to manipulation-proof actuators, they offer maximum safety.
  • Safety Light Barrier for Fingers: The barriers enable an ergonomic work environment. This is the case when operator intervention is required as part of each cycle such as insertion work, or the loading and unloading of the metal parts.

DLyte PRO500 light tower

DLyte Pro500 magnetic gate resized2

4.0 Industry Connectivity

DLyte PRO500 is up-to-date with the 4.0 Industry connectivity requirements so that your manufacturing processes have reduced times and involved costs. This machine comes with Ethernet and USB ports, it connects to DLyte HUB, the client’s new portal in the cloud.

You can monitor the metal surface polishing process, receive system status updates, track a maintenance schedule,or download and update polishing programs, electrolyte status etc.

DLyte PRO500 connection

Easy waste management

DLyte system does not require closed-up system to recycle water and sludge waste treatment machinery with the corresponding space, labor, water and environmental license which means an added saved cost to your manufacturing line.

The disposal of the dry electrolyte is handled by Standard services. The electrolyte media loading and unloading in the work bowl are easily done with the Electrolyte vacuum system that is provided as an accessory for this machine.

DLyte PRO500 industrial vacuum

Industrial performance. Reduced production costs

Outstanding part quality with high performance.

In comparison to other metal surface finishing technologies, DLyte PRO500 improves the quality and reduces the polishing time up to 80%*. Achieving roughness below 0.01 microns in one simple process can be possible with DLyte machines.

DLyte PRO500 and the DryLyte® technology ensure a simple and efficient metal surface finishing process. With 60%* workspace reduction and 50%* process steps reduction, the post-processing of metal parts becomes easy and cost-efficient. DLyte PRO500 doesn’t require additional peripherals such as water recycling or waste management.

Proto3000_Environmental icon

This innovative metal polishing process is very safe as it is not generating dust or gas and it does not involve manipulation of hazardous liquid chemicals thus removing waste management costs.

* Based on GPAINNOVA’s own testing and estimates.





The DryLyte® technology allows the post-processing of main metal alloys, cobalt chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and much more.

Cobalt Chrome

Stainless Steel





Technical Specifications

  • Electrolyte Capacity: 250 L
  • Holder + Piece Area: Ø500 x 540 mm (x1) or Ø200 x 540 mm (x8)
  • Work Piece Area: Up to Ø500 x 250 mm (x1) or Up to Ø200 x 200 mm (x8)
  • Weight: 50 kg (work piece(s) + holder) (x1) or 20 kg (work piece(s) + holder) (x8)
Machine Weight & Dimensions
Machine Weight & Dimensions
  • DLyte PRO500 Weight: 1600 Kg
  • Tank with electrolyte: 400 Kg
  • Dimensions: 1,300 x 2,770 x 1,380 mm
  • Rated Power: 25 kW
  • Short-circuit Breaking Capacity (ICS): 6 kA
  • Rated Voltage: 400 Vac ± 10% (3P+N+GND)
  • Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
  • Rated Current: 35 A
  • Full Load Current: 40 A
  • Grounding Connection: TN system
  • Earth Leakage Current*: <10 mA
*Note Leakage current: 20 mA.
  • Air Supply (Main Line): 6 - 7 bar (air connector Ø10 mm)
  • Air Flow (Main Line): 1,000 L/min
  • Air Supply (Holder Line): 6 - 7 bar (air connector Ø12 mm)
  • Air Flow (Holder Line): 1,500 L/min
  • Air quality (ISO 8573-1:2010): - . 4 . - (dewpoint ≤ +3°C)
Distilled Water
Distilled Water
  • Water Supply: Connection (Ø10 mm)
  • Water Tank: 16L
  • Operating: 5°C to 35 °C
  • DLyte PRO500 Storage: -10°C to + 70°C
  • Electrolyte Storage: 5°C to 40°C (max. 24 months)
  • Holder vibrators OFF (EN ISO 11202): <70 dB
  • Holder vibrators ON (EN ISO 11202): 74 dB (1 m); <70 dB (7m)
  • Protection Index
    Protection Index
    • Machine: IP20
    • Electric Cabinets and Peripherals: IP22