GPAINNOVA DLyte Compact Series


DLyte Compact Series

The DLyte 1l, 10l and 100l

Grind, round, deburr, smooth, and polish complex and high precision metal parts easier than ever before with the DLyte Compact Series from GPAINNOVA. Powered by dry-electropolishing technology, the DLyte 1l, 10l, and 100l offer a simple workflow and different volume options for a range of materials including cobalt chrome, stainless steel, carbon steel, carbides, nickel alloys, aluminum, copper, and titanium. With powerful ion transport, technology, the DLyte compact series can smooth the surface of parts with complex geometries while still preserving critical features.

Powered by Electricity,

Crafted for Precision

DLyte systems combine the electrical flow created by a high-precision rectifier with the movement of the pieces through the solid electropolishing media to remove roughness from the pieces. They combine a planetary movement, vertical back-and-forth motion, and rotation on its vertical axis inside the drum containing the Dry electrolyte media. These post-processing and treatment machines are designed for R&D, or high-value, small size, fragile and delicate parts, with precise finishing requirements.

DLyte commercial machines (proto3000)

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Advantages and Benefits

Homogenous results across the surface

The metal parts are clamped in specially designed holding systems in the DLyte machines. The holders are dragged with a combination of planetary movement and vertical back-and-forth motion inside the drum containing the Dry electrolyte media. The machine includes a high-performance cathode inside the perimeter of the drum allowing uniform electrical fields to achieve homogeneous results across the surface. The automatic media conductivity adjustment system consists of a conductivity tester and a high precision pump which adjusts the media conductivity automatically.

DryLyte technology_DLyte machine hardware

Product highlights

  • High-value, delicate pieces which cannot be impinged during the process
  • High-precision parts with very tight dimensional tolerances
  • Very complex pieces with many contours and shapes
  • High-demanding finishing requirements
  • Extremely tough and abrasion-resistant materials
  • Rotative and aerodynamic parts
  • Prototyping and short production series
  • Additive Manufacturing parts

DLyte polished metal part

Process optimization with stable hardware and smart software

The combination of precise hardware and software, intelligent electronic parameter monitoring, and optimal media flow control ensures the process optimization and electrolyte media performance stability ensuring a constant process quality during the media life. The powerful software includes a database where piece-specific process parameters can easily be stored and managed.

DLyte machine display

Hardware Features

  • Programmable cycle time
  • Automatic parameter adjustment
  • Automatic media conductivity adjustment
  • Storage capacity for X process configurations
  • Variable motors speed and movement

DLyte polishing system holder

Software Features

  • Digital interface
  • Customizable settings
  • Process data can be loaded/unloaded onto an external USB
  • Ergonomic loading and unloading of holder
  • Quick and easy change of media
  • Anti-vibratory support with wheels for easy handling
  • Easy and low maintenance costs

DLyte PRO500 easy display

Specific supports 

Designed to obtain the best work efficiency and obtain the best results, the holders are developed based on the geometry of each piece with the intention of getting the most out of the electrical flow.

DLyte part holder

DryLyte® technology offers a smooth and high quality
post-processing of metal parts.

DLyte Applications and Examples

Choose your DLyte

Depending on the materials to be treated, DLyte machines come in three versions for each system size, low, high, and full frequency.
The low-frequency machines are engineered for the treatment of materials included in the Steel, Cobalt-Chrome, Copper, and Nickel based alloy groups with low-frequency parameters. The high-frequency versions are for the treatment of materials included in Steel, Titanium, Hard metals, Nickel based alloys group, and Aluminium group with high-frequency parameters. The full frequency DLyte systems are designed for all the metal alloys from the low and high-frequency range of materials.

DLyte 1l

DLyte 100L machine
Maximum working volume: Up to75 mmØ x 50 mm


DLyte 10l

DLyte 10l polishing machine
Maximum working volume: Up to120 mmØ x 50 mm

DLyte 100l

Dlyte 1l polishing machine
Maximum working volume: Up to 180 mmØ x 80 mm

DLyte 100PRO

DLyte 100PRO-gpainnova

Compatible Materials

Cobalt Chrome

Stainless Steel


Nickel Alloys

Copper Alloys

Aluminium Alloys

Titanium Alloys

Technical Specifications

DLyte 1L icon image
DLyte 1l
DLyte 10L icon image
DLyte 10l
DLyte 10L icon image
DLyte 100l
DLyte 100PRO
Capacity per cycle
75 Ø x 50mm
(maximum volume)
120 Ø x 50 mm
(maximum volume centered to the axis)
180 Ø x 80mm
(maximum volume centered to the axis)
180 Ø x 80 mm (maximum volume centered to the axis)  
Machine dimensions
510 x 1150 x 690 mm 820 x 1280 x 680 mm 950 x 1410 x 730 mm 950 x 1,320 x 889 mm  
Support dimensions
505 x 743 x 702 mm 820 x 680 x 680 mm 950 x 700 x 740 mm 950 x 786 x 710 mm  
Machine weight
96 Kg 173.5 kg (230 V) 217,5 (247.5 kg Cs Series) 241 Kg  
Support weight
47 Kg 87 Kg 100 Kg 93 Kg
(Anti-vibration support weight)
2 kW 3 kW
(single phase with industrial plug)
5 kW
(single phase with industrial plug)
5 kW
(single phase with industrial plug)
220 V - 240 V*

*220 / 110 V transformer available.
220 V - 240 V 220 V - 240 V 230 V  
Air pressure
4 - 5 bar 4-5 bar
(air connector: 8mmØ or 1/4’ BSP’)
4-5 bar
(air connector: 8mmØ or 1/4’ BSP’)
4-5 bar (air connector: 8mm or 1/4’ BSP’)