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Low-mid volume metal sheet forming on-demand

Figur G15 is the first commercial platform to directly shape standard sheet metal on demand from a digital design file using all-new, patent-pending Digital Sheet Forming (DSF) technology. This translates into no stamping tools, molds, dies, or presses that traditional sheet metal fabrication requires.

Re-Inventing Sheet Metal Fabrication

Digital metal cutting is widely used today, but no digital sheet forming solutions have been widely commercialized. FIGUR’s patent-pending DSF technology maintains high precision with a flexible, incremental forming approach through a proprietary build box design that reduces force distribution across the sheet during the build. Go Figur™ and you can eliminate the high startup costs and long-lead time associated with custom tools, molds, and dies.

Figur-G15 digital sheet forming machine by Desktop Metal

Industries & Applications



Parts for:

  • concept vehicles
  • structural testing
  • production
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Architecture & Construction

  • Interior & exterior metal panels
  • Custom formwork for concrete, composite & other materials


Customized metal parts for each patient using medical grade stainless steel (SS) & titanium.



  • Prototypes for testing
  • Production parts
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Consumer Product

  • Prototypes for testing
  • Production parts
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Sheet metal parts

How does it work?

The 3D-printed sheet metal technology starts with easy-to-use software that creates a toolpath for a ceramic tool on an XY gantry to shape sheet metal with up to 2,000 lbs of force. With an XY forming area of 1450 x 1000 mm, Figur G15 can process forms up to 400 mm in the Z direction. Steel up to 2.0 mm thick and aluminum up to 2.5 mm are just a few examples of metals and sheet thicknesses that Figur G15 can undertake. Parts have a high-quality surface finish directly off the machine with little to no post finishing required.

Car-Hood produced with Figur's digital metal forming technology

 Are you a sheet metal trailblazer?

Reserve your spot in line and be one of the first to own a FIGUR G15 system. A fully refundable deposit saves your spot in line and gets you a sample part.  

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Return of Investment


Generally, the costs associated with traditional sheet metal fabrication are high. For manufacturers or suppliers seeking lower volume production or prototyping solutions, the production is expensive from capital investment and time perspective. 

With Figur G15, sheet metal forming is now accessible, flexible and cost-effective, even at low volumes. Demanding industries such as automotive, aerospace, and customer goods/household appliances can now produce a fully formed part in less than an hour.

examples of metal sheets 3D printed with Figur G15

For example, producing a standard automotive exhaust muffler would typically require the purchase of a $150,000 die with a three-month lead time. At a quantity of 1,000 parts, the cost per part for runoff would still be about $160, including materials.

On Figur G15, however, the same parts could be produced in weeks with an all-in part cost of approximately $10, primarily materials and labour. That’s less than 10% of the cost of traditional stamping with no lead time required.

Preliminary Technical Specifications


Max sheet size
Max sheet size
1600 mm x 1200 mm (63.0 x 47.2 in.)
Forming area interface technology
Forming area interface technology
1450 mm x 1000 mm (57.1 x 39.4 in.)
Z travel
Z travel
400 mm (15.7 in.)
Forming force
Forming force
2000 lb. X, Y & Z
Forming speed
Forming speed
1 m/sec
  • Steel: 2.0 mm (14 Ga)
  • Aluminum: 2.5 mm (10 Ga)
480 V / 3 Phase / 20 kW
Machine dimensions
Machine dimensions
2.8 m x 2.2 m x 1.8 m (110.2 x 86.6 x 70.9 in.)