The Stratasys F123 Series: The Next Generation of Rapid Prototyping: The Stratasys F123 professional 3D printer series puts the rapid back in rapid prototyping with an unparalleled 3D printing ecosystem.

By: February 10 2017
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Introducing the New Stratasys F123 Professional 3D Printer Series 
New Product Release

Proto3000 and Stratasys is happy to announce the release of the F123 Professional 3D printer series in Canada. This new technology combines years of patents and know how with fused deposition modeling technology as well as intuitive software to create a reliable and economical system for rapid prototyping. The F123 series doesn't just pose an opportunity to do more cost-effective 3D printing within your organization, but rather it is an ecosystem of productivity that enables your design and product development teams to iterate and communicate more with the end goal of making better products.

The Stratasys F123 3D Printer Series demands less knowledge and experience, while meeting even the most advanced rapid prototyping expectations and needs. This Series excels at all stages of the design prototyping process, from draft-concept iterations – to complex design verification – to high-quality functional prototypes. Enhanced 3D printing capabilities include – a new user interface, remote print monitoring, built-in camera, auto calibration, an improved software experience with GrabCAD Print, easy material change out and auto material changeover – help make the Stratasys F123 3D Printer Series one of the most simple to use, yet powerful 3D printing platforms for busy classrooms and demanding business environments alike.

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