MakerBot in the Workspace

Upgrade your workflow by getting prototypes and production parts out the door quickly and more efficiently.

  • Reliable & Accessible 3D Printing
  • Powerful Tools & Materials
  • Disruptive ROI
  • MakerBot Labs


MakerBot Prototyping 3D Printing

Prototype with Simplicity

MakerBot’s Desktop 3D printers are easy-to-use and only take minutes to set up. Start 3D printing today, right out of the box

MakerBot Innovation Center

MakerBot Innovation Center

A large-scale campus and community-wide solutions that offer more than 30 3D printers with installation, training, support, and all necessary accessories

MakerBot Starter Lab Office

MakerBot Starter Lab

Everything you need to get setup and started with a reliable ‘MakerSpace’ in your office

MakerBot Professional 3D Printing Ecosystem

A Streamlined 3D Printing Ecosystem

Get started with easy and reliable 3D printing with ready to go software and hardware right out the box. MakerBot printers offer the simplest setup experience and easy-to-use software without the need for tinkering. From swappable extruders to Cloud-based printing solutions, MakerBot 3D printing helps get your designs out in the world at the lowest cost for maximum ROI.

  • Reliable, safe, and easy-to-use 3D printers for the office, studio or factory floor
  • Intuitive software for managing the 3D printing process from anywhere in the world
  • Intuitive, powerful software with streamlined file management and CAD functionality

MakerBot Tough PLA Bundle Smart Extruder

Tough Materials & Advanced Software

Take advantage of powerful tools and materials to handle tough jobs that demand ironclad solutions. From MinFill to Tough PLA, MakerBot’s extensive 3D printing suite offers the way to optimize your workflow without redefining it.

  • Create durable, high-impact strength prototypes and fixtures that save time & money
  • Print 30% faster while using 30% less filament
  • Print and monitor from any device, any browser- access your printers, orders and support all in one place

MakerBot 3D Printing In-house Production

Move to In-House Production

Disrupt traditional processes with dependable in-house production. With a minimal upfront investment, MakerBot provides seamless 3D printing within your organization to accelerate your product development, saving both time and money.

  • $45 USD average dollars saved per print when compared to outsourcing*
  • 52 average number of prints to justify a Replicator+ investment*
      *based on average service bureau quotes

MakerBot Lab In-House Design Production

MakerBot Labs

Receive a more advanced 3D printing experience with MakerBot Labs, an experimental platform for engineers and designers to create and collaborate using MakerBot’s 3D printing solutions. Discover a range of new product such as the Experimental Extruder, allowing you to print in a range of materials.

  • Customizable hardware and software allow for the freedom to switch from production to sandbox
  • Unlock full creative flexibility with a range of materials and software APIs
  • Dramatically reduce total print time by up to 75% with Draft Mode

Start 3D Printing in your Workplace! Have a question? Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you have about MakerBot Desktop 3D Printers.