The additive metal fabrication process.

Fuse metal powders into a solid part for strong, durable metal parts.


Direct Metal Laser Sintering, also known as Selective Laser Melting, is an additive metal fabrication process. DMLS machines use a high powered 200 watt Yb-fiber optic laser to fuse metal powder into a solid part. Aluminium, Maraging Steel and Stainless Steel are DMLS materials, which we offer for your rapid manufacturing projects.

Why use Direct Metal Laser Sintering?

Manufacture with metal materials to create strong and durable tools and parts. Utilizing the material mixture of alloys, the metal parts built with DMLS technology will not only provide you parts with great appearance, but will create versatile designs with powerful mechanical properties.



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Aluminum AlSi10Mg

The AlSi10Mg is an aluminum alloy in fine powder form that has been specially optimized for direct metal laser sintering. AlSi10Mg  is a typical casting alloy with great casting properties and used for parts with thin walls and complex geometry. The aluminum is combined with silicon and magnesium which results in a significant increase in strength and hardness. It features good dynamic properties and is used for parts required for high loads.

Use Aluminum AlSi10Mg for the following applications:

• Direct manufacturing of functional prototypes
• Small production runs
• Manufacturing user-specific products or spare parts
• Manufacturing parts requiring a combination of good thermal properties
• Prototyping parts that require low weight properties, such as motorsports



Maraging Steel MS1

The MaragingSteel MS1 is a metallic coloured pre-alloyed ultra-high strength steel in fine powder form. It has very good mechanical properties and is easily heat treatable using a simple thermal age-hardening  process to obtain excellent hardness and strength.

Use Maraging Steel MS1 for the following applications:

• Direct manufacturing heavy duty injection molds and inserts
• Moulding Thermoplastics using standard injection parameters with achievable tools
•  Direct manufacturing functional prototypes
•  Manufacturing parts which require particularly high strength and hardness



Stainless Steel PH1

The StainlessSteel PH1 is a pre-alloyed stainless steel and metallic coloured material which sets in fine powder form. The material is created with the composition of DIN 1.4540  and UNS S15500. StainlessSteel PH1 has a good corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties, especially in its hardened state. The material is most ideal for industries, such as medical, aerospace, automotive and other engineering industries whose applications require hard, strong and corrosion resistance materials.

Use Stainless Steel PH1  for the following applications:

• Engineering applications including functional prototyping
• Manufacturing small series products and individualized spare parts
• Direct manufacturing parts requiring hardness and strength
• Corrosion resistance testing and sterilization testing 

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