3D Printed Soccer Ball: Utilizing Polyjet materials and the ability to combine them in a single print, we were able to print and assemble a soccer ball with countries flags on the inside.

By: June 12 2014
Tags & Topics: 3D Printing

In honour of the worldwide tournament taking place and bringing everyone together, Proto3000 decided to 3D Print a soccer ball, with the participating countries on individual panels.

Not only is the piece cool to look at, but is an outstanding example of the capabilities of 3D Printing. Printed on a Stratasys Connex500, the ball showcases a perfect use for its multi-material capabilities.

The clarity of the VeroClear material, allowed for stickers to be placed inside the ball, while still remaining visible. The strength of the material is showcased through the snap features on the edges of the polygons, allowing for easy assembly. TangoBlack Plus was used for the rubber hinges that keep the majority of the ball together. 

After some quick assembly, the ball is good to go, and looks stellar.



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