DLyte_Dry Electropolishing_Deburring_Ultrasonic_Bone_Cutting

Deburring Ultrasonic Bone Cutting Saws

Within the surgical instrument manufacturing sector, the importance of a smooth surface is more than just a good look. The perfect surface of instruments in contact with human tissue should be easy to clean to impede the growth of harmful pathogens, resistant to corroding, long-lasting, reliable and biocompatible.

With DryLyte Technology, you can achieve a perfect surface finishing of ultrasonic bone cutting saws, preventing bacteria growth, scraping or defective parts, rework and lack of quality and still keeping an excellent sharpness of medical instruments in very short cycles. All this while maximizing the capacity per cycle of the DLyte equipment.

​In this document, you will learn why dry electropolishing is the preferred process for surface finishing ultrasonic bone-cutting saw.

You will also learn:

  • ​Why is dry electropolishing more effective than current methods
  • How dry electropolishing works
  • Benefits of dry electropolishing for the medical device industry
  • Cost analysis of dry electropolishing, including CAPEX and OPEX

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