tablet punches -dlyte-dry electropolishing

Tablet Punches Manufacturing & Refurbish

Within the tablet production field, the importance of a perfect appearance of the pills in a package is crucial to avoid doubts about the integrity and quality of the product.

Dry electropolishing plays a major role because it:

  • automates the polishing process
  • avoids imperfections in the surface or breakage of the tablets
  • improves the performance and extends the lifespan of the pressing tools, while reducing time, costs and environmental impact
  • it precisely automates surface finishing operations and
  • it preserves geometry, tolerances and biocompatibility.

This case study explains how a manufacturer of tablet punches improved the quality of the products while reducing time and costs using DLyte. The company replaced a multi-step process, including automated abrasive polishing and manual polishing using nylon and brass brushes, with the DryLyte® technology.

You’ll also find out:

  • Why dry electropolishing is more effective than current methods
  • How dry electropolishing works
  • The benefits of dry electropolishing for the medical device industry and
  • Cost analysis of Dry electropolishing including CAPEX and OPEX

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