Agilus30 & Nylon 12CF

Agilus30 & Nylon 12CF

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The Agilus30 is a new rubber-like Polyjet material that is not only flexible but provides reinforced tear resistance. This product is available in black and translucent colors and is optimized for product design verification and select functional performance tests.


Accompanying the new Polyjet material is the new FDM Nylon12CF which is Stratasys’ first ever FDM material filled with carbon fiber. This engineering feat enables the material to have a high tensile strength with unprecedented stiffness-to- weight ratio. The Nylon12CF is a 3D printed composite material that is developed for advanced RP functional performance testing. The new FDM material can not only replace metal and molded carbon-fiber prototypes but can also be used for manufacturing-floor jigs, fixtures, tooling and end-use parts.


With the new Agilus30 and Nylon12CF from Stratasys, customers now have a wider variety of material properties to choose from when prototyping, tooling and manufacturing parts. With these new materials, the 3D printing revolution takes yet another step forward and we can’t wait to see what happens next!

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