Proto3000 3DU: Meet our Interns

Proto3000 Internship Program

Proto3000 3DU: Meet our Interns

Proto3000 3DU: Meet Our Interns



This Summer, our company took on two bright and highly-motivated high school students from Castlebrook Secondary School, located in Brampton, Ontario and part of the Peel District School Board. We couldn’t be more excited to bring young talent on our team and show off what they have learned and created during their time here at Proto3000.



As the first installment of our new Proto3000 3DU video series, we will showcase the amazing students in our local communities and their pursuit towards a career in this industry. This program will also document the use of 3D printing solutions in the education and academic space. Here at Proto3000, we are actively involved in helping create a better learning environment for students in our community. Therefore, we will be helping our students take advantage of this innovative technology by receiving hands-on learning experience in design, prototyping, modeling, engineering, and architecture.We believe that we have a responsibility to our youth to grow their innovative minds and to help them become leaders for the next generation of engineers, designers, and creators.


With the support of the Peel District School Board, we have crafted a curriculum for our two students to get the best out of their time here at Proto3000. Follow us as we document our journey towards making education fun with 3D printing!





Name: Ashna Gandhi

School: Castlebrooke Secondary School

Hobbies: Arts & Crafts, Reading, Swimming, Cycling


Name: Drasti Patel

School: Castlebrooke Secondary School

Hobbies: Painting, Drawing, Watching Netflix, Sleeping, Soccer, Badminton


What interests you in 3D printing?

Ashna: I find it really cool that you can make anything you imagine and after the finishing, bring it to life. 3D printing is very useful for medical purposes because it can make treatments more time and cost effective. The different materials give us a variety of options to play with, especially with the addition of metal printing.


Drasti: I appreciate that 3D printing allows you to produce products with an extremely high accuracy. When taking the Introduction to Manufacturing and Engineering course in Grade 11, I slightly struggled with machining at a high accuracy. But with 3D printing, there is an extremely little space of machine error. This makes 3D printing an extremely accessible, safe, and time effective tool.


What do you want to study in University and where do you want to go?

Ashna: I want to study Biomedical Engineering or Architecture at Waterloo, Ryerson or UofT. My first preference is Waterloo because they have a very good Co-Op program.


Drasti: Biomedical Engineering at Waterloo or Ryerson because this program really ties in with my interests. I really love to use CAD software like SolidWorks and Fusion 360 to make helpful and useful products. I really want to pursue the medical field to make lives of patients more enjoyable and lively through designing medical equipment. Also, I enjoy architecture; designing new modern structures fascinate me.


What’s your ideal career?

Ashna: My ideal career is Biomedical Engineering because I like how technology in the medical field is advancing. I like to create models in 3D design software but I want those designs to benefit others and I would be really happy if something I made can improve another person’s life or reduce their pain. I want to do a job where I can interact with others and grow personally and professionally.


Drasti: I want a career which allows me to be creative through doing research and designing unique concepts. I need a job where I can get the opportunity to take upon different projects, a job which involves a dynamic work life; I do not want to perform the same task every day. For example, the architectural field allows you to use your creativity to produce something extraordinary and, theses projects will definitely be composed of very different work days bringing new tasks every day.


What do you want to learn from your internship at Proto3000?

Ashna: I want to learn how to use a new software and different printers. This internship will give me a real life experience about how things work in the industry. I want to learn to work more efficiently and co-operate with a team to reach a common goal. I can also build my portfolio with the projects I do at Proto.


Drasti: I want this internship to help me decide if I really want to pressure design as a career. This experience will show me the advantages and the disadvantages in this field, and will guide me to make the best decisions for my future. To add, this internship involves many excellent projects which hopefully will aid me in making an impressive portfolio.

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