Revolutionizing Eyewear Design With 3D Printing

VeroFlex 3D Printing Material Stratasys

Revolutionizing Eyewear Design With 3D Printing

An average eyewear store has a high chance of carrying frames that took 18 months to develop. Top eyewear manufacturers around the world usually produce 12,000 new designs every year that cover sunglasses, reading and prescription glasses to smart glasses, sports-wear, and safety-wear.



From 18 Months to 8 Weeks

With 3D printing, an eyewear manufacturer’s time-to-market can be cut down to only eight weeks or less. The Stratasys J750 provides a rapid prototyping solution featuring multi-colour and multi-material printing. 

Simulate Virtually Any Frame Colour & Texture Design

VeroFlex materials feature an amazing range of colours, opacities, transparencies and textures with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White, Black and Clear from the Vero family. This capability allows eyewear designers to explore new, innovative ideas and bring them to life to be handled, displayed and approved for development. 

Test Frame Functionality

The VeroFlex material has been specifically formulated not only to encapsulate the complexities of eyewear design, but also the functional tests that they need to pass. The material comes in 6 colours and provides carefully calibrated flexibility and durability for eyewear tests including:

  • Drop tests
  • Lens mounting
  • Stress tests
  • Wear-ability testing


If you are interested in exploring this solution for your organization, please speak with one of our additive manufacturing experts


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