With multi-platformed options for your 3D Prototyping,
take advantage of our wide range of services.




  3D Prototyping Applications

Create Proof of Concept Models

Models that are 3D Prototyped let you explore multiple in a time and cost effective manner while enhancing collaboration and product development cycles.


Design Product Mockups

​Product Mockups let you view and handle your product, and catch/edit design flaws before entering production. By prototyping in 3D, you can physically hold your prototype right after 3D printing



Perform Functional Testing

Rapid 3D Prototyping allows you to create durable, functional 3D models that can withstand rigorous testing without performance deviation. Your model will be able to shrink or absorb moisture; making them great for testing form, fit, and function.




Product Cost Reduction

Catch design flaws early in your product design cycle. This can save you hundreds of thousands of  dollars. Your time, effort and money  will be kept to a minimum with 3D prototyping.




Make Marketing Models

Our models are great marketing tools. They can be sanded, painted, polished, and chrome plated (plus much more). You can impress prospects and clients with fully-functioning models. All our models can also be drilled, tapped, and threaded (plus more)to meet your exact project needs. Remember: we are your partners throughout your design process.




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