With multi-material printing capabilities, print
different finishes and features in a single build.



Plastic Prototyping Applications

Custom Materials

Choose from over 60 materials in almost 10 colours (plus countless custom colours). Our materials are totally dependent on your specific project needs. We have materials for high temperature needs, quick turnarounds, rigidness and durability (to name a few). Our ABS-like material is great for any application while we can also create a custom mix with our Digital materials from Objet.


Form, Fit and Function Testing

Have you ever spent months designing an item and have it manufactured only to have it come not working properly because of a missed detail?  This can be extremely costly and is easily preventable. Improve your research and development efforts while also dramatically speeding up product development.


Every Industry Has Multiple Applications!

We have helped the following industries with our plastic prototypes:

Animation/Entertainment, Architecture, Automotive/Transport, Ceramics, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Defense, Dentistry, Education, Energy, Hearing Aid, Heritage Preservation, Industrial Machinery, Jewelry, Medical Models, Medical Equipment, Natural Resources, Packaging, Product Design, Service Bureau, Sporting Goods, Tool and Die and Toys (Plus Much More

Model Creation

Create working models of any size. Models bigger than the print tray can be printed n sections and easily assembled after printing. We have printed full sized cars before as well as individual chain links - all in excellent quality and with great detail.



Injection Molding

With Polyjet 3D printing technology you can produce the molds needed for injection molding right from the 3D printer. The real advantage is substituting the mold for 3D printed parts, which can often be just as accurate. 



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