Fused Deposition Modeling Services Equipment

Imagine what you can create with the most capable 
FDM machines available on the market today. 



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Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Service Equipment

Proto3000 has advanced Fused Deposition Modeling equipment ready for your prototyping service needs.  Our FDM equipment provides solutions for digital manufacturing and other applications too large or complex for other rapid prototyping processes. With top of the line FDM machines, Proto3000 can assist in lowering the turnaround time of typical production, which can relate to substantial cost-savings. All of our production-grade thermoplastics can be utilized for tooling or large parts, without incurring the cost of your own in-house FDM machine. 

Proto3000's FDM Services Machine Line-up

Proto3000 uses Stratasys FDM machines for FDM services. As the creator of the technology, their machines are highly capable, incorporating advanced manufacturer and engineering needs. Here is the line-up: 


The uPrint SE

  • Professional FDM 3D prototype models.
  • 33% bigger models then the smaller uPrint machines
  • Multicolored 3D prototype models - grey, green, white, blue, black, red, dark grey, orange, and yellow.
  • Fused Deposition Technology allows for strong durable models
  • ABS material is a true industrial grade thermoplastic. 

Dimension Elite 3D Printers

  • Versatile in-house printing machine, capable of printing intricate 3D models
  • Precision instruments and product mockups are printed with ease
  • Quick 3D printing services in hours
  • Using ABSplus production grade thermoplastics, the Dimension Elite printers do not require curing time, so your 3D printed models are completed faster
  • Large models can be printed without compromising structural strength 
  • With lower material costs, an FDM prototype can save countless dollars in the product development and perfection process. 

Fortus 900mc 3D Production System

  • Superior part tolerances 
  • Increased speed and accuracy on FDM 3D models while allowing multiple iterations
  • With the largest build tray, the Fortus 900mc is great for prototyping large parts, including assembly tools and end-use parts. 
  • With high heat materials 3D prototyping services can be performed for the automotive and aerospace industry



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